Lead Host


LEADTECH provides reliable, secure, cheap, multiple features of web site hosting such as


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Apple Technical support


It's a fact that it's extremely rare to find a genuine professional Apple Repair service in the Sudan


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eScan Anti-Virus and Internet Security Suite designed for home and small office users


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Pharmacies System Solution

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Marketing Solutions Company

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By placing our clients at the center of our business model, we are able to tailor-make every solution to their needs.

Each client is serviced by the combined expertise of our Technology Group, and the Services Group business units.

Because we understand that responding meaningfully to our client’s needs requires knowledge of the world they operate in, our Service Group business units employ capable staff ,That way we can ensure our clients get well-implemented solutions that meet their strategic and operational needs.



Who we are

LeadTech is one of the leading providers of information and communications technology (ICT) solutions, Our business is an empowered integrator of innovative business we manage products, services and solutions for key public sector organizations, parastatals and medium-sized companies. Read More ...


Success Stories

We strongly believe that the key differentiators in today’s fiercely competitive market is the technology and how you integrate it. We understand that integrating technology requires the right people, and we do have the professional team on board that provide pre-sales, post sales, project implementation and support. Read More ...

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Arkaweet, Khartoum- Sudan L. Plot 84, Block 65 http://www.lead4tech.com
Address: Postal Code: 11123/ P.O.Box: 7035 E-mail: info@lead4tech.com
Telephone: +249 123400780 /+249 123400781