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Why To Host in Our Servers ?

LeaTech provides reliable, secure, cheap, multiple features of web site hosting such as unlimited email , unlimited database ,unlimited FTP accounts and free account setup. Hosting with powerful customer support and offer you more than website hosting providers. LeadTech became one of the best companies in the hosting industry by providing value added services with strict policy of NO Hidden Charges, NO Extra Free and NO set up charges that have been well appreciated by our customers. We have achieved this magnanimous feat by providing quality services to all our clients. As a premier web hosting company we offer 99.9% uptime guarantee. We made hosting websites in Sudan very easy.


LEADTECH hosting solutions:

Shared Hosting:

Do you want web hosting at a low price? Then shared web hosting is the thing for you. As you share server with others the providers are able to offer its customers very reasonable prices. The shared hosting segment is an extremely competitive one, meaning it could be difficult to choose a provider. We have made it a bit easier for you as we compiled a list of the providers we consider to be the best.


VPS Hosting:

Virtual Private Servers fills the gap between shared hosting and dedicated servers providing small to medium sized businesses and websites with the reliability and control of dedicated hosting but with a cheaper cost per month.


Dedicated Hosting:

Major Websites and businesses in demand of reliability, top security and a high amount of resources will significantly benefit from choosing dedicated hosting.


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