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For the first time in Sudan LeadTech provides ONLINE PAYMENT solution LEADVISA.


LEADVISA is completely virtual prepaid card developed for confident, secure online shopping which is the world's newest and safest way to pay for products or services purchased online.


LEADVISA protects your privacy and ensures your anonymity: no statement, no mail and no need to reveal your identity at any point.


Your LEADVISA allows you to shop online for products and services, safely and securely, wherever Visa cards are accepted. (unless specific services such as airline tickets require identification)!


Conditions to use LEADVISA

•    The account creation cost is 25$.

•    Charge your LeadVisa minimum of 20$ and maximum of 2000$.



•    The company gets 10% in any charge.

•    Products will be delivered to Dubai , the shipment cost from Dubai to Sudan is on the LEADVISA user based on the order.


Go to LEADVISA FAQS page from HERE to see more details .

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