Apple Technical Support

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It's a fact that it's extremely rare to find a genuine professional Apple Repair service in the Sudan offering Apple parts, repairs and specialist technical support for all models.

If you're an Apple Products User in Sudan, LEADTECH can help you with expert repairs, technical support and advice for everything and anything Apple.

LEADTECH offers fast repair of all Apple products. Also supply All Apple products and spare parts for most models along with specialist support and Apple technical advice


we are able to offer friendly and cost effective Apple hardware and software support, including maintenance, data and crash recovery and specialized Apple training. In the event of Apple emergency, the expertise available will help resolve the problem quickly

LEADTECH do installation and setups of all types of Apple products such as: Mac mini, iMac, Mac Pro, MackBook pro, Macbook Air, iPad, iPod, iPhone and apple TV.


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LeadTech Address

Arkaweet, Khartoum- Sudan L. Plot 84, Block 65
Address: Postal Code: 11123/ P.O.Box: 7035 E-mail:
Telephone: +249 123400780 /+249 123400781